Our Graffunder Home

July 8, 2007




 This home was designed by Mr. Graffunder in 1954-1955 and built in 1955.  It is basically a 2 story square block with a flat roof and windows all along the front of the top story which is the main floor.  The footprint is about 2,100 sq. feet.  It utilizes many of Graffunder’s common themes of exposed beams, expansive windows and simple, organic &/or industrial matrials.  The exposed beams extend throughout the home and through the windows to support the eaves and a suspended balcony on the front.  They also support a suspended staircase on the interior.  There is generous use of commercial tile for flooring as well as cyprus for external siding and internal paneling.  Spancrete is used as the support structure of the main floor and is also used as the duct work for the central air.  The roof structure is Tectum which is exposed on the interior as the ceiling.

There have been very few changes to the home since it was built. 


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  1. Hello:

    My name is Larry Millett and I’m currently working on a book on mid-century modernism in Minnesota. I’d like to talk to you about Carl Graffunder and his work. You can reach me at larrymillett@comcast.net or at 651-340-7490.

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