July 11, 2007



This home is an absolute gem.  We were so excited to see it.  The front half of the home fans out in a wedge shape from the middle to a glass front and balcony.   This takes full advantage of the narrow lot which, as the story goes, the original owners were told could never fit a home.  The perfectly fitting bow was added on later.  It is also an exposed beam construction. 

 The draining from the roof is so fun and graceful.  You can just make out the spouts from the roofline where the water then cascades onto tile or cement below where it is ushered in little streams down the hill. 

One of the outstanding elements about this house is the tilework.  It has many styles, colors and sizes that seem to work so well with the home.  The light yellow on the side of the home is actually small tile and looks great next to the cinder block and wood trim. 

Preservationists will be happy to know that these owners are very proud of their Graffunder home and are meticulous in its preservation and upkeep. 


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