September 2, 2007


Thanks to a tip from a Graffunder follower’s friend about an article that listed homes designed by Graffunder in a 1952 publication of the “Walker Art Center Everyday Art Quarterly”, we have 9 more homes on our list of known Graffunder designed homes in the Twin Cities.  That brings the total number of homes to exactly 50.  

This is one of the new ones on the list that we drove by today.  I don’t know the exact year that it was built but it would have been on or prior to 1952 and most likely after 1948.

The picture isn’t great but you can still see some of the basics.  It has a flat roof and a brick chimney which matches the lower level and almost certainly extends into the home.  I hope to get a better look and pics.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Chip Pain Says:

    Have you located any Graffrunder houses in Golden Valley? I am interested in several houses in NW Golden Valley built in late 50’s that are very similar to the ones posted.

  2. I purchased this house and moved in November 2012. It has only had a few owners and has been kept original. I will share pics in the future.

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