Graffunder with a tile twist

July 4, 2010

Check out this great tile brochure featuring a Graffunder home in south Minneapolis.  This is one of the first Graffunder homes that I posted about in July 2007.  The home  was built by William Dale who owned a tile company so it has fantastic works of tile throughout the house.

The owners told me last week that they are considering selling the home in the next couple years for retirement.  They would really like to find someone that will love the house as much as they do.  The husband watched it being built as a kid and felt very fortunate to get the opportunity to buy it from Mr. Dale.  They’ve kept the home in near original condition with Carl Graffunder involved with them personally with a couple of technical updates.  The house faces Diamond Lake.

Shuffleboard anyone?


One Response to “Graffunder with a tile twist”

  1. Truly fabulous. That is all. Thank God thos house has been well loved over the years, and not viewed as a teardown like so many mcm homes, sadly. No reason this house shouldn’t last another couple hundred years or more.

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