If you own a Carl Graffunder home, you may find your home pictured here on this blog.  However, you will not see any information that I think is personal or private to your home including addresses.    If you do find any information here that you would prefer not be posted, simply contact me and I’ll remove it.

I encourage you to contact me (hitokny at yahoo.com) if you own a Carl Graffunder home.  In many situations I have additional information that I don’t post here.  I’ll be glad to share whatever information I have.  Fellow Graffunder-ites like us are most likely willing to share additional information on their homes as well. 


17 Responses to “For Graffunder Homeowners”

  1. Jennifer Davy Says:


    My boyfriend and I bought the Graffunder house on Gordon Place in St. Paul (red door) in June. We are loving it! It’s fun to see other Graffunder houses in the area -thanks for posting.

  2. Hi!

    I just found your site and noticed that you had pictures of our place. Very nifty! Yep, ours is the one with the Christmas-tree lights. It *is* plain from the front, but the back of the house is the standard Karl Graffunder all-glass affair.

    I’ve built a little website about our place because we’re selling it. It’s got pictures of the inside of the house that you might find interesting. Here’s a link to our little web page;


    Feel free to lift any of those pictures and add them to your site.

  3. George Slack Says:

    We owned a Graffunder Home in Falcon Heights MN, 2208 Folwell Ave. Sold it in 2001. Wish i had come across this site while i owned the house. We love[d] everything about the house. We heard that the new owners were thinking of painting the wood inside a “lighter ” color. Please tell me that this never happened. Had to move for job reasons, or would never have sold the house.

  4. robert wilson Says:


  5. Richard Hovel Says:

    Hi – This is Richard Hovel – you saw our Graffunder in Hopkins. Wondering if you are still in your Graffunder home or if you have moved on. If you are no longer interested in running this blog I would like to take it over and keep the Graffunder love flowing! Hope all is well. R

  6. Cassie Frick Says:

    Hi , I just stumbled across this blog…I’m a real estate agent and I’m currently listing a Graffunder home in Hopkins (8 East Saint Albans Road). It’s great to see such a wonderful resource for followers of his work! Photos of the property I have for sale can be found at: http://cassiefrick.edinarealty.com/MN/Minnetonka/55305/homes-for-sale/8-St-Albans-Road-E-65641128

  7. Teresa Wuebker Says:

    can these homes be considered historic places?

  8. Teresa Wuebker Says:

    I know of 3 more Graffunder homes…6212 Wyman and 6220 Wyman in Edina…..and one other home on the south side of the Crosstown…currently 6212 is being renovated…and 6220 Wyman is on the market…..

  9. Richard Barnes Says:

    My parents built a Graffunder house on Upper Creek Road in Afton, MN in about 1955. They moved to New Canaan, CT in 1961 and Graffunder designed their new home on Trinity Pass Rd. in 1962. The New Canaan house was torn down circa 2008. It had suffered from some neglect during my parents’ waning years, and we were unable to sell it to anyone who wanted a modernist home. As you know, saving the modernist houses of New Canaan has generally been a losing proposition.

    The house in Afton was still standing a decade ago when I drove in just to take a quick look from a distance. The photos you have collected were truly nostalgic– I spent my impressionable teen years in the Afton house, and many of the architectural details you show were in that house, more than in the New Canaan house, which reflected a more Japanese sensibility, which my mother had absorbed over time.

  10. Sheldon Says:

    We live in a 1956 Carl Graffunder designed home at on Westwood Drive North in Golden Valley. We purchased the home in 1984. We are the fourth owners. When we were planning a four season porch addition in the early 1990’s we contacted Mr. Graffunder and invited him to design the addition. As part of that we obtained original plans. We visited a few of his then very commercial condos and apartment projects. We ultimately went elsewhere for our design. We attempted to maintain the structural style, however. We’ve since modified and expanded the home to include a master suit, again with an effort to match/reflect the style.. We have made significant interior changes but much of the original style remains. We would be willing to have you include our home on your list.

    An interesting story: The 1972 Time Magazine article on the “Good Life in Minnesota” (the one featuring then Governor Wendell Anderson holding a fish) featured a story about representative families in Minnesota. One of those families lived in this house and there was a photo of them at a picnic table in the back yard. The short pine tree in the background exists today but is about 50 feet tall. The pipe for the bird feeder in the photo is still buried in the back yard – I found it do some reseeding this spring!

  11. David Stougaard (507 381-7441) Says:

    My parents had Carl design their home back and a couple of additions starting in the early 50’s. The home is located on the North end of Amber Lake in Fairmont MN and will remain in the family until spring or summer 2014 ar when we (children) will be selling it. It is a very unique home as it has no hallways and the south side of the house is primarily all glass with 8′ x ~8″ thermo-pane windows.

    My parents along with my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Falcon Heights were friends of Carl and Marge (I think this is his wife’s name) Graffunder. If you want I might be able to round up some photos of Carl and I know I can supply you with current photos of our house for your website. Let me know if you have any interest.

    Also you might want to talk with Steve Swanson, the owner of Danish Teak Classics in Minneapolis about Carl. Steve got to know Carl well when he was in Architecture school at the University of Minnesota in the late 70’s.

    Danish Teak Classics
    1500 NE Jackson St #277 Minneapolis, MN 55413
    (612) 362-7870

    David Stougaard

  12. David Stougaard (507 381-7441) Says:

    One other note – I just followed up on a hunch and learned Carl designed the Martin County Library here in Fairmont back in the late 60’s. Still a very modern looking building – timeless.


    • richard Barnes Says:

      thank you for the posting. so nice that he designe
      d a public building in your area that is still in use.

  13. My husband and I recently purchased a Graffunder in Prospect Park, Minneapolis. I’m wondering if anyone knows where one can purchase Gum Plywood locally? He used this to cover almost every wall in my house. Some of it is damaged and I’d like to replace it. Thanks for your input!
    Janan & David

  14. movelab Says:

    We purchase the home on Diamond Lake Road. It’s nothing more than perfect. Would love to hear any stories from The Dale family or Graffunder family. It was commissioned by Mr. Graffunder’s brother in law. The tile is simply amazing.

  15. Thom Barry Says:

    I think the home I own in Roseville may have been designed by Graffunder. Does anyone know a good starting point to research this possibility? I do have the original blueprints but nothing with his name on it. Thanks.

    • David Juliff Says:

      Thom – There should be something on the bottom of the drawings that states the name of the architect. I have seen two sets of plans prepared by him and they are both very clearly labeled. You could also try the Roseville building department – they may have records that show the Architect of Record for the home. Good Luck!

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