Graffunder Home in the Oaks

November 10, 2007

Here’s a Graffunder designed home with some fun roof angles set amongst the trees.  It also has vaulted interior ceiling with exposed beams.  Great location, setting and home but looks like it’s been abandoned for a while.  It needs a white knight.





September 9, 2007


The interior of this Graffunder home is a treat.  We were fortunate enough to get a tour by the incredible gracious owner. 

As with all Graffunder homes that we’ve seen, the great room is well, great.  The windows which stretch from a couple feet off the floor to the vaulted ceiling give a beautiful view out to the park.  The walls were originally paneled in birch which unfortunately had to be replaced.   We especially liked the cork flooring that is still in the great room.  After seeing it, I would seriously consider using it in my home.  The fireplace stands in the middle and is brick with a beautiful tall copper hood.   The angles and views throughout the home are nice. 

And, not surprisingly, another set of happy and proud Graffunder home-owners.

September 9, 2007




Three more from the list of homes in the 1952 Walker Art Quarterly.  

September 2, 2007


Thanks to a tip from a Graffunder follower’s friend about an article that listed homes designed by Graffunder in a 1952 publication of the “Walker Art Center Everyday Art Quarterly”, we have 9 more homes on our list of known Graffunder designed homes in the Twin Cities.  That brings the total number of homes to exactly 50.  

This is one of the new ones on the list that we drove by today.  I don’t know the exact year that it was built but it would have been on or prior to 1952 and most likely after 1948.

The picture isn’t great but you can still see some of the basics.  It has a flat roof and a brick chimney which matches the lower level and almost certainly extends into the home.  I hope to get a better look and pics.

August 12, 2007


 Now this is the kind of Graffunder gem that we like to find. 

August 12, 2007



 Here’s a home from 1963.  At first glance it seems somewhat plain for Graffunder but as you look closer at some of the detail and overal layout, it does have some interesting aspects.

August 12, 2007


 Here’s a sweet little home from 1955 near the University of Minnesota.