Check out this great tile brochure featuring a Graffunder home in south Minneapolis.  This is one of the first Graffunder homes that I posted about in July 2007.  The home  was built by William Dale who owned a tile company so it has fantastic works of tile throughout the house.

The owners told me last week that they are considering selling the home in the next couple years for retirement.  They would really like to find someone that will love the house as much as they do.  The husband watched it being built as a kid and felt very fortunate to get the opportunity to buy it from Mr. Dale.  They’ve kept the home in near original condition with Carl Graffunder involved with them personally with a couple of technical updates.  The house faces Diamond Lake.

Shuffleboard anyone?


This Graffunder house in Red Wing, MN definitely has a graceful and calming presence.  Someone or some family is going to be lucky to get this.  Real estate listing.













1 of 2 in Red Wing, MN

September 19, 2009

1 of 2 in Rochester

Here’s a home that Carl Graffunder designed and was built in 1952.  It’s in Minnetonka on a beautiful lot that opens up to trees and a gentle slope down to a marsh.  A wall of windows in the living room provides a wonderful and private view into the trees.  As soon as you walk into the home, you realize there is something comforting and calming about it. 

One of the 6 children that was raised here by the original owners owns and lives in the home currently.  She, her siblings and “the grandchildren” all have a very special place in their heart for this unique place.   Her parents orginally bought a “basement home” on this lot which provided the foundation and basement for this home.  Her parents took a design class at the University of Minnesota where they met Mr. Graffunder. 

The owner is considering selling the home.  It’s clear that it would be a difficult decision but one that would be made easier if the home found a new owner that appreciated it and could provide the care that an original 1952 home needs.   She has all of the original drawings and very little of the home has been changed since it was built.  If you are interested, please drop me a note and I will forward your contact information on to her. 



June 22, 2008

Here’s one designed  by Carl Graffunder that we found in Minnetonka.  I’m pretty sure the blue tarp on the chimney wasn’t part of the original spec.



Here’s another chance to pick up a Graffunder gem if you’re looking in Red Wing.

Looks like a beautiful setting that takes full advantage of Graffunder’s large windows.  The staircase, kitchen, fireplace and built-ins look great.

Own your own Graffunder home

November 10, 2007

Here’s your chance.  I heard from a Graffunder homeowner that he’s selling their home in St. Anthony park.  This is the original family that built the house.  Here’s all the specifics on the sale and home.  Here’s my original post on the home and I’ve included some additional pictures here.